Matthew Hull

Matthew Hull grew up in Walkersville, MD, attending Walkersville middle and high school. He competed in Martial arts through elementary school, until his sophomore year. During high school, he worked multiple jobs to keep up with a growing passion in cars. During the middle of his 11th grade year, he became very interested in the Marine Corps. His grandfather served in the corps for many years, “I guess that’s what inspired me the most.” During that time frame, Matthew suffered a severe knee injury due to a sledding accident. After months of rehab and surgeries, he made a full recovery and joined the Marine Corps after high school. He was eventually deployed to Iraq for 10 months, where he served as a 240 gunner in the Al Anbar Province. After returning to the states, he continued service at Cherry Point in North Carolina.

He EAS’d from the Corps in 2010 to go straight into college at FCC to pursue a business degree. After 2 years of college, he struggled trying to find a job and soon stumbled onto a few like-minded entrepreneurial friends with the idea of opening a bar / restaurant. Mistero Bar and Italian grille was born the following year. After two years of the business, the restaurant closed due to interpersonal issues with the owners. In the past, he has developed an athletic clothing company called Self Made Fitness, and a few other odds and ends small businesses. Matthew is currently working for the Navy as an Engineer. He is also currently working on another clothing brand, Seven.Six Deuce, geared towards military style active wear.

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Danny Farrar

Danny Farrar, III, went into the Army straight out of High school joining up as an infantryman. His tenure in the Army saw him take the first search and rescue team into the Pentagon on 9-11, and a combat tour in Iraq from 2005-2006. Farrar went from being homeless and dealing with depression, to building SOLDIERFIT – a military inspired gym based out of Frederick MD, which started as one sub-let location and has since grown to 4 stand-alone facilities with 3,000 members and 50 employees.

Danny is the co-founder of Platoon 22, a 501(c) that combats veteran suicides. His goal is to revitalize the American dream and remind his fellow Americans no other soil on earth is more fertile for their dreams then America’s.