Outstruck by a Grappler

So this isn’t exactly a ground break revelation, and obviously styles make fights, any thing can happen in the cage/ring, blah blah blah. We have all heard the same theories and explanations. When I first started coaching I was always excited to work with Grapplers that were really good off their back. I felt like Someone who was comfortable fighting off their back could really let their strikes go, because the fear of getting taken down is lessoned by [...]

Ego and the Mats, By Joshua Peters

“Leave your ego at the door,” “There is no ego on the mats,” and countless other sayings. As martial artists, we’ve all heard these sayings again and again, but do we really understand them? While training recently, I heard someone say “well, it was just a face crank, I wasn’t going to give it to them.” Another partner said that they were being smothered and that teammates should be a bit more considerate of these things. The sentiment that ego [...]

Don’t Call it a Comeback

Believe it or not, the excitement in the Octagon over the last 6 months has been the UFC’s offseason. Despite the UFC knocking it out of the park with Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, Diaz/McGregor at UFC 201 and what may be the greatest card of all time at UFC 205, the UFC has been without three of its top stars. This has led to a few lackluster events spread between their marquee events. Talent has been spread thin [...]