Why Brew Bits. Why now.

Brew Bits has come to light through a collective feeling in the craft industry that one, learning certain things or talking about certain topics can feel stuffy distant and often spiteful at times. So why this attitude? Well the same thing often happens when you put many great minds together all at once. If you look at it over the last few decades.

Craft has exploded onto the marketplace. With new Brewers constantly searching for the next big thing. The industry can often seem cold and stand offish to do those who try to enter it. This in itself is so far from what the craft movement stands for. To us here at Brew Bits, craft is about invention, discussion, enjoyment, and of course the end product. All of these things can be lightened up, whether it’s the way that we discuss them amongst ourselves, the willing we have to share with others, or the methods we use in our place of work. With companies like Google and Amazon setting the benchmark in the workplace for what a work experience is supposed to be like is inspiring. Work campus like environments, free time to connect with those you work with, no cubicles and so on. It is amazing to see some breweries following in their footsteps.

This is how the founders of craft would’ve wanted the workplace to be, an enjoyable place to work set your mind free. To Discover and experiment.

Brew Bits embraces all of the above we will focus our shows on interesting guess with laid-back personalities that you can sit back listen to and feel like you were in the same room with. We will offer amazing opportunities and insight, tell you about the latest events coming up, as well as always keeping you up-to-date on what is new in the craft industry. Our shows will be humorous yet serious about the industry. We will not bad mouth breweries or establishments but offer honest opinions to hopefully help anyone listening. We want to banter with those listening on their thoughts or corrections on what we are saying and always keep an open mind during our shows.

Our laughs are to be contagious and you alone will be what makes our show. Thank you for joining us and helping promote the industry we care about so much. This is Brew Bits.



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