Tribal Mentality (Part 2), By Dominic Mancuso

Tribal Mentality (Part II), By Dominic Mancuso Previously discussed in Part 1, I described one of the growing reasons I believe military veterans, especially combat veterans, have such a difficult time adjusting to civilian life: The Veteran now finds themselves ripped from their “tribe” and figuratively thrown into the “wild” that is modern civilian America; They have been uprooted, usually very abruptly, from one way of living and dumped back into the civilian population with no-more than a “good luck, [...]

Why Brew Bits. Why now.

Brew Bits has come to light through a collective feeling in the craft industry that one, learning certain things or talking about certain topics can feel stuffy distant and often spiteful at times. So why this attitude? Well the same thing often happens when you put many great minds together all at once. If you look at it over the last few decades. Craft has exploded onto the marketplace. With new Brewers constantly searching for the next big thing. The [...]

Tribal Mentality (Part 1), By Dominic Mancuso

"A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong." ~Tecumseh The number one hardship I hear from my fellow Veterans (especially Combat Veterans), once they have had a few months to attempt reintegration into society, is their loss of camaraderie with those they will now spend their day to day their lives with... Unless they are working in a public servant field, there is no longer the threat of being put in life or death situations creating a [...]

Don’t Call it a Comeback

Believe it or not, the excitement in the Octagon over the last 6 months has been the UFC’s offseason. Despite the UFC knocking it out of the park with Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, Diaz/McGregor at UFC 201 and what may be the greatest card of all time at UFC 205, the UFC has been without three of its top stars. This has led to a few lackluster events spread between their marquee events. Talent has been spread thin [...]