• Them Sports Boys

  • Two Fools on Stools

An Army vet turned CEO and an Ultimate Fighter turned coach go head-to-head in a weekly verbal throw down.

Listen in as Zach and Danny, two fools on stools, go round for round with witty banter and incoherent ramblings about the MMA business, fight breakdowns (the occasional emotional breakdown), and uneducated opinions on everything in between.

  • Brew Bits

A humorous and relaxed take on brewing industry hot topics with guest experts, popular brew masters, the craziest of local brewery sales reps, and probably your mom from time to time.


Get ready for candid discussion on topics impacting our Veteran community.

Veteran Voices is a podcast conversation between veterans of every era and those who provide resources for them. We will focus on what we loved about the military, what we learned in transitioning to the civilian sector, and what’s happening now in the Veteran community. Tune-in to to hear all about how we continued to lead, laugh, and love through it all.